Patronus International Group is a staffing consultancy agency registered under number 20934 in the National Register of Employment Agencies.

As a recruitment agency, we undertake all activities aimed at comprehensive sourcing of candidates for specialised job positions. We have a comprehensive knowledge and many years of experience to efficiently and effectively verify future employees. Therefore we can provide the highest quality services in the field of HR.

Combining experience and commitment to working with our clients, we not only care about providing full service in the field of recruitment processes, but also make every effort to ensure that employees are fully prepared to start work, especially those who decide to relocate.

Our recruitment offer has no borders, which means that we recruit employees from outside Poland, but also in Poland abroad, making every effort to eliminate adaptation transition, difficulties in a new place of work and life.


45-534 Opole, PL
ul. Iwaszkiewicza 8

NIP: PL7543199297
Regon: 382072437


Katarzyna Mordowska-Broszkiewicz
HR director
☎ +48 500 031 366